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Why Your Garage Door Cannot Operate Without Garage Door Springs

Your garage door is one of the most useful household devices that you use. The equipment apart from creating a secure environment for your car also strengthens the security arrangements that help you avoid burglary attempts. What if the device fails to open or close someday or worst will you be able to run for cover in time to avoid injuries in case the heavy equipment falls on you?

To avoid these problems and to help you operate your garage door smoothly, manufacturers equip garage doors with garage door springs. Springs are of two types; garage door torsion springs and extension springs. Of these two variants, the torsion springs are known for their rugged nature and can support oversized two-panel garage doors.

Garage door springs apart from balancing your garage door by counterbalancing its weight also holds it in its position. The use of functional garage door springs thus helps you in avoiding many operational and safety issues.

Garage door springs work under stressful conditions and are also highly prone to malfunctions. The weight of the garage door wears down the device, and it is imperative that you keep a constant eye on the efficacy of the device for your safety and security.

You’ll need to replace the existing garage door spring system with a new one in case it is beyond repairs. The task is both time-taking and complicated and can also expose you to various risk factors, but not for our experts at Garage Door Repair, Friendswood. We specialize in providing a range of repair and maintenance services and can help you with garage door torsion spring replacement, safety cable replacement, roller replacement and frame replacement.

Our experts will help you out with a solution whether you have a garage door broken extension spring or torsion spring of any make, model, or variant. These professionals work on different systems on a daily basis, and you can also contact us before placing the order for your new garage door spring system to make sure that you’re making a prudent investment decision.

We deal in heavy duty springs for garage door as well as regular models and also provide a lifetime warranty on garage door springs that we sell. You can claim this benefit anytime if you choose us as your service partner.

Garage door spring replacement can prove to be a costly affair, but not if you’re shopping with us. We provide all our services of any kind of broken garage door repair cost very affordable to ensure that you don’t have to incur a high cost while garage door torsion spring repair.

Moreover, finding a proper replacement for your garage door springs can be a time-taking task. First, the service experts will need to take the exact measurements of the system that you’re currently using and account for other factors like the weight of your garage door, and the variant you’re using.

To cut down the turnaround time, our experts will carry torsion spring replacement for garage door of different sizes and types to your location. Doing so reduces the time taken to execute the activity as they just have to take accurate measurements and replace your existing system with any one of the types they’re carrying.

Ensuring Your Safety is our Primary Concern

Replacing garage door springs and garage door spring repair service and maintenance tasks like broken garage door spring repair is an expert job. Hiring an amateur can expose you to losses and various risk factors. We’re well aware of the seriousness of the problem and only hire industry experts to be a part of our service teams.

These professionals handle garage door spring replacement and other tasks on a regular basis and will take necessary safety measures to help you keep out of harm’s way while operating your garage door.

The garage door industry is evolving continuously. Manufacturers are coming up with new models and variants on a regular basis. Moreover, industry bodies also keep on introducing changes to ensure that providers comply with the best practices.

We organize regular training sessions to keep in-sync with these trends and also encourage our repair specialists to update their knowledge base regularly.

With us, You’ll Always get a Solution

We operate 24/7/365 to help you get a solution any time of the day or night. We also provide same day solutions to tackle emergency problems. Our experts will give you a call before reporting to your location to make sure that you’re not outdoors when we reach. You can also request an appointment according to your convenience.

We provide 100% satisfaction guarantee to all our customers, and you can save a sizeable amount on maintenance and repair costs by availing warranty on garage door springs that we provide.

Do not hesitate to contact us if you’re still searching for a satisfactory answer to the question what to do if garage spring breaks

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We always respond to customer calls and queries and will help you replace your broken garage door springs or for garage door extension spring repair or any other components. We’ll also clean the area before taking your leave as this can pose a problem when you decide to start using your garage door.

Avail our services to stay safe even when you have a broken garage door spring or any other part.